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This belief polished in a system of attractive ideas is the basis of the occult and the Theosophical New Age movement. The teachers of the New Age continue endlessly about empowering yourself, believing in yourself, loving yourself and if you believe in God they teach you that God is you or is in yourself, essentially; it is self deification.

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New Agers believe that the devil is metaphorical symbol of negativity so they are not strictly speaking Satanists, but both they and the Satanists believe in self deification. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD is a mental or behavioral condition in which a person feels compelled to obsessively repeat a thought or action. There are many cases of people with OCD who have accomplished incredible feats.

The writer of the first English dictionary is said to have had this condition. This is because these people. But this is not common to OCD patients, on the contrary most people with this condition are unable to function properly in work and in their social life, and in severe cases suffer much mentally and tend to also physically self-harm.

This condition can arise if a person is self drawn and isolated from other people. A common example is children who watch long hours of television or are distracted by other types of media entertainment and barely spend any time communicating with family members. These children are prone to end up living inside their minds, in that most of their day time is spend imagining fictional scenarios.

This may not sound too serious, but daydreaming is a sign of something missing in their lives, something they are deprived of; and that something haunts their imagination. The state of deprivation is ideal for the malicious intrusion of evil Jinn. The child becomes vulnerable to any number of conditions; one of them is obsessive compulsive disorder. I am not saying malicious jinn are behind all functional illnesses, but that they can be worsened or even caused by them, because of peoples carelessness. ADHD and Inhibitions Even without including the malicious interference of Jinn from the equation one still cannot deny the seemingly human urge to enter the taboo and to break rules, even when understanding the negative consequences of their actions.

This is a human weakness from any standpoint, and makes the practice of self control vital to every humans life no matter what ideology they adhere to. To succeed in any area in life a person needs certain values or ethics that assist in determination, focus and patience until the goal is achieved, and to destroy these values is to cancel all the effort a person has worked for. A persons inhibitions increase with following ones level of awareness and goals in life.

A child would mainly be interested in playing and thus strives to fit into his experience as much merriment as possible; therefore the values would include respect for parents for their acceptance and reward and preserving the conditions that allow merriment. The situation for an adult seeking social status requires more inhibitions. Every persons development of inhibitions is different from another, depending on their life choices, their goals and their level of maturity.

Some people live out their entire lives on the same level they were in their youth, seeking only to please their basic carnal senses. In cases where it can be proven that a child is extra sensitive to the ether having indigo aura it is then adding insult to injury, this child would need extra care.

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This does not need to be seen from a religious perspective as the results speak for themselves. A child may begin to hear voices or have imaginary friends who give them advice and shape their very character; a character that the parents are unfamiliar with. Many children who grow up with circumstances that limit healthy development end up blaming their parents for not pushing them in the right direction.

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This does not mean a parent should scold a child into a preferred action, but by simply being there, advising and informing the child of the right action. The feeling a child gets of having a hand over their shoulder metaphorically, or the eyes of their parents watching them is usually enough to motivate them to follow rules and excel. This of course involves the child valuing the parents, which means the parents must be the ones to raise that child not television or video games. When entertainment producers are asked concerning the negative effects of their work on children, they only ever blame the parents; they say that the parents must be aware of what and how much a child watches or engages with entertainment.

This is unfortunately true.

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Parents must be aware of the means, content and amount of entertainment a child takes in and supervise that child otherwise the child will go wherever the tide takes them, and there are many dangerous places they can end up. Multiple Personality Disorder God never assigned two hearts to occupy one body - Quran While people with MPD appear to have two selves, it is actually not possible.

Firstly one must understand the meaning of personality; a social construction, cover or mask; like clothing. It is possible for a person to naturally develop several personalities fit for different situations. Some people in intoxicated states seem to be different persons entirely, and going through certain dramatic experiences can change someones personality instantly.

So personality is simply the mode and style of response in social situations, and does not necessarily mean the mode of that persons thinking. A trained actor can demonstrate many personalities without adopting any of them. So MPD can be the triggering of different responses in a particular way in an intense emotional state.

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An angry persons worldview would be different from when that person is calm, and would most likely respond differently in a similar scenario if in different states of mind. But those who are prone to respond too differently than normal in emotional states are more likely to have extra interference from malicious Jinn when in intense emotional states. When in a calm state a person evaluates thoughts and suggestions more strongly and critically, using all the usual methods of the thought process and analysis common to that person, but when emotionally aroused, decisions are made much more in the heat of the situation.

When in fits of rage, the IQ drops dramatically and the person is then likely to respond aggressively to every stimulant or thought. The same goes for joy, fear, pain and pleasure. This is why it is important to practice emotional control, and attempt to address as many events in ones life as logically as possible.

Etheric Sensitivity and Epilepsy Epilepsy is a neurological disorder traditionally also attributed to possession and also includes sensitivity to ether like the autistic and ADHD cases. Epilepsy involves sudden seizures which include convulsions, hallucinations, odd behavior and strange sensations in parts of the body. A partial onset seizure starts by a sensation called aura which in this case is a medical term. The aura may be visual and auditory hallucinations, feelings of dj vu and unpleasant odors or tastes.

In Jacksonian seizures the seizure begins on the toes of one foot, fingers of one hand or the side of the face as though something is entering them. After this experience the person becomes tired, weak, confused and unresponsive as though drained of their life-energy or Life Ether as described by occultists like Max Heindel. In complex partial seizures the individuals body moves in a repetitive manner called automatism, after which the individual has no memory of the attack.

Like ADHD and autism several types of epilepsy are inherited. While two souls cannot live in the same body, it is possible to have another consciousness temporarily occupy one body but only if it is allowed, whether willingly are unwillingly. Practitioners of the occult art of channeling are trained to allow their consciousness to enter a state of rest, allowing Jinn to speak through them, who pretend to be extraterrestrials from faraway galaxies or angels or the spirits of those who have died or pagan deities and so on.

The other method is the unwilling method achieved through fear. Every emotion has its special characteristics, and among the characteristics of anger is enlargement of the ego; feeling as though you are able to influence more. One characteristic of fear is shrinking of the ego; feeling in danger, not in control; feeling small. Extreme fear limits a persons rage of awareness; the feeling of wanting to escape and not finding anywhere to run to may lead a person by the suggestion of the invading entity to escape within their own selves; to retreat inside their own mind; to go to a deep dreamless sleep allowing the entity to assume control as in normal healthy sleep the subconscious mind is aware and any disturbance would wake the person up.

It is not simple to get a person to that level of fear but in the rare cases where it happens the results are severe. In the cases of fear induced possession, as a general rule, prayers, supplements and recitations only work so far as to replenish or renew the victims faith or sense of awareness. There could be some exceptions in the arguments that the entities fear or cannot stand certain words, actions or objects, an obvious example is anything that reminds of them of God, which they do not want to remember, as being a devil is being in a state of rebellion against God.

But more important than the state of the Jinni is the state of the victim whose mind and body which belongs to its soul by right is being abused.

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Although it sounds simpler than it is, all the victim has to do essentially is to remove themselves from that state of fear or willingness. Simply praying for help does nothing in of itself, as the very cause is an obstruction that needs to be removed and replaced with faith; a strong state of awareness, complete confidence and loyalty to a cause or power; God is the greatest power. Complete faith and trust in God would relieve anyone of any condition, as not only it changes the state of the person but as the scripture makes clear God intervenes and assists the persons of faith.

The only challenge is the acquirement of the state of trust and faith. I couldnt help but notice the overwhelming feeling of fear that pervaded almost every womans story. Fear of what is happening to them, fear of the dreaded impending abductions, fear of the strange paranormal occurrences that surrounded them. Fear, fear, fear, and more fear You have to rise up and connect to the very power youre asking for help from - Chasing Phantoms, Carissa Conti.

There is another way to induce an attack or experience with evil Jinn. There are cases classes under sleep paralysis; a state where a person is partially conscious and partially in REM sleep.

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The person feels awake but unable to move or recover from the paralysis that accompanies sleep as though held back by something. This state is accompanied by what is described as very realistic hallucinations. These are in most cases not hallucinations, as in some cases the person is not paralyzed but experiences the same feelings which are practically the same as the feeling of the epileptic aura. This following is a case from the same womans experience of a triggered malicious Jinn attack or what she calls alien abduction.

I had recently come across a really realistic picture of a Gray which intrigued me.