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In the era of the threat of Climate change, Bhutan is all set to fight back with its uniqueness of natural resources. The Country is developing economically without sacrificing the unique culture, environment, and biodiversity, the country stand-alone from the countries in the world, 2.

Instead of being carbon neutral they also stand forward to harness natural resources to offset tons of carbon dioxide. As we observe the world is getting warmer and the Glaciers are melting causing landslides, a rise in sea level and disaster across the countries have increased.

Being the Carbon neutral country, they are carrying the burden which they are not part off. There is no implied ordering in the execution of the array of Promises given. On some computers, they may be executed in parallel, or in some sense concurrently, while on others they may be executed serially. For this reason, there must be no dependency in any Promise on the order of execution of the Promises.

3 Ways to Keep a Promise to Yourself

The source for this interactive demo is stored in a GitHub repository. The returned promise is fulfilled with an array containing all the values of the iterable passed as argument also non-promise values.

Why it is Important to Deliver on Your Promise

If any of the passed-in promises reject, Promise. If the iterable contains non-promise values, they will be ignored, but still counted in the returned promise array value if the promise is fulfilled :.

This following example demonstrates the asynchronicity or synchronicity, if the iterable passed is empty of Promise. But, Promise. For example, if you pass in four promises that resolve after a timeout and one promise that rejects immediately, then Promise.

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