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There are many different ways to offer God praise. You may even decide to use music to offer praise during this time! Whatever moves your heart in praise for Him is fine! Before we launch into making supplication to God, we should confess those things we have done that not only sin against God but that we feel condemnation over. It can be difficult for us to get into communion with the Lord and pray with confidence at all if we feel any degree of condemnation or sinfulness. This act of confession should lift that burden, knowing that if we confess our sins God forgives us.

The ACTS of Prayer

True repentance is a turning away from those things that are sinful. It is more than just saying we are sorry. It is a willingness to change that behavior. This is a time to open up and be honest with the Lord AND yourself about the things you have done to sin against Him or others, and how you plan to change those things.

Acts Prayer Sample

This is also a good time to ask Him for His help if it is an area you continuously struggle with. Lay all your sins at the foot of the cross and ask for Him to forgive. Pray with confidence that the blood of Jesus covers your sins and makes you white as snow. That is a lie the enemy wants us to believe and a burden he wants us to bear. Know that you are! Your feelings will get in line with truth.

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The enemy wants you to feel condemnation. Next in the ACTS Prayer Method, we should offer God thanks; for who He is, for what He has done for us, for forgiving us for falling short, and for all the blessings He has given us in our lives. Thank Him for answered prayers. It is always a good idea to keep a prayer journal so that you can see where God has answered your prayers.

Thank Him for everything you can think of! When we desire to pray with confidence it must include thankfulness!

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No is also an answer to prayer! It just may not be the answer you were looking for! For the struggles you are going through because it is through the struggles that God can show Himself to us the most. Thank Him for your salvation, the salvation of friends and family. Thank Him that you woke up this morning!

This is one of my favorite parts of prayer because many times we lose sight of just how blessed we really are.

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  • It is through thanksgiving that we can truly see how much God blesses us. The truth is I have failed to love others and I've lost sight of how much you value me.

    A.c.t.s. Of Prayer

    Please forgive me". Thanksgiving There are many incidents recorded in the scriptures where people gave thanks to God:- "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever". Psalm and at the end - v. His love endures forever. My heart is deeply grateful for everything that you do for me".

    Phil , ESV Supplication is requesting God to do something, either for yourself or on behalf of somebody else.

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    • So here is an example of supplication for yourself:- supplication example "I ask for your strength to fill my being so that I will always live in your grace and love. I pray for the leaders of our town, and the leaders of the church here. May you give them wisdom as they make decisions and care for the people in this neighbourhood".

      What is Prayer? Denomination: Methodist. JAMES 5. Because God is personal, all people can offer prayers.

      ACTS prayer model | BSF Prayer Guide

      However, sinners who have not trusted Jesus Christ for their Salvation remain alienated from God. I had gotten away from that over the last few years.

      A.C.T.S. Model Of Prayer - North Euclid Church of God, Bay City, MI

      Things seem to go smoother. The messages seem to fit perfect…we need to be in prayer. Sometimes we think the more folks praying, the better. I want to share a few things with you this AM, it has to do with prayer. We use acronyms in a lot of things.

      Much more than documents.

      You see, there is so much more to prayer than just telling God what we want or what we need. We need to start off with this acronym:. The word adoration does not occur in most English versions, but the concept of adoration is implied in the Bible. The admission of sins. Sin separates us from God, sin is a prayer killer.