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He then swims back across the river and meets up with Deni. A couple guys swam across earlier and are hunting Nate and Deni. Nate takes them out. Over then next day they take out a few more guys. That night they barely get out of a firefight with a larger group that came across the river. Nate and Deni fall back a few miles. A group of a dozen former military are on their trail. Nate leads them off and takes out a couple more.


Nate is now concerned that there are more military showing up as part of the group. Nate and Deni get into a firefight. Deni takes a glancing shot to the head and is knocked out. Nate carries her back to the bunker over the next two days.

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At the bunker Nate rests for a day and then heads back out to try to slow the bridge building. He kills some people, takes a truck and drives out onto the bridge causing their half-finished repairs to collapse. Nate retreats back behind their rear line. He finds a couple guys firing on a truck. They kill the dad, mom, and injure the small girl 4 year old.

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Nate takes her back to the bunker. Nate, Brian, Ben, and Caroline all leave the bunker to cut trees down along the road to try and slow the raiders down. Caroline convinces Nate to let her go. The issue with her standing over Brian was because Brian reminded Carrie of her brother. And Carrie's dad killed Carrie's brother. So Carrie wanted Caroline to check on Brian.

They work for a day falling trees and such. A truck comes from the opposite direction, back from toward their farm. A group has come from the other way, and took everything from Nate's farm. Nate and team hide out in the forest. While in the forest they hear a helicopter come in and fire on the group in the road. Good and bad. Bad that they didn't seem too discriminatory on who they fired upon. Nate and crew circle around them and go back to the farm. At the farm they find Deni there.

She had killed a few stragglers. They kill a few guys on Harleys there. While they are disposing of the bodies, the main group is heading back the way they came. Nate and Deni drive into a field. Deni crashes hard and has internal injuries.

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Ben is killed. Brian kills some guys. Everyone retreats to the forest.

They are going to try to use the stream to get Deni back to the bunker. More small gun fights. Nate heads into camp and bluffs a guy by telling him that he called in the airstrike through his sister Deni. He also set up some explosives and blew them up, telling the bad guys it was a drone strike and he would call more in. He gives them 15 minutes to pack up and leave. He disabled some of the larger trucks that had his diesel and canned goods.

Hoping they would not have time to take them all. Everyone leaves. Hours later he sees a straggler dousing the house with gas. Nate snipes him. He also notices that there were some booby traps set. They head back for the bunker. They run into more bad guys and kill them.

Deni is not doing well. In and out of consciousness.

Surviving the Apocalypse with Alternative Assets

Nate and Brian capture some guy. He tells them his group is just trying to survive.

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  • Nate and crew are at the bunker and a few helicopters shows up. Mel is in it along with his Col. They take Caroline and Deni to give them medical care.

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    The end. Real zombies are roving bands of human degenerates and pathetic layabouts who steal and destroy what others build while singing the mantra of 'we're just trying to survive'. Former Army Ranger Nate Williams and his son Brian, along with a others they have taken in, try to wrestle a living from a small farm in the Florida swamps.

    In the aftermath of the disease outbreak that has de The second installment of this dystopian series by John Grit takes us into the height of the REAL 'zombie outbreak'.


    In the aftermath of the disease outbreak that has destroyed most of the world population, they are must defend by force what small measure of subsistence they have developed. The detail which the author goes into on the fighting, stalking, hunting, sharp-shooting, evasion and exhaustion will leave you feeling like you were there. The first book was really good, but this one was amazing and a complete page turner.

    I highly recommend it, but also advise you to read book 1 first. The author does not do much exposition as he freely admits and says is intentional , so if you want to know the back-story to book 2, you have to read book one. I give this one 4 stars and call it an Awesome Read! Feb 10, Sheila Myers rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction. I enjoyed Apocalypse Law 2 almost as much as the first book. I'm not a big fan of war-related novels and that is what this sequel captures throughout the plot. However, John Grit is only capturing what I feel would be a real life scenario after most people are wiped off the face of the earth.

    Some readers think there would be more good people than bad, but Mr. Grit is showing how the bad will band together to spread their evil. Although this book does show less interaction among the characters i I enjoyed Apocalypse Law 2 almost as much as the first book. Although this book does show less interaction among the characters introduced in the first book, there is a wonderful focus on the relationship between the father and son as well as the inner turmoil faced by the main character who is responsible for leading the others away from harm.

    Survive, Thrive, Die. Law in End Times. 5-7 December 12222

    I recommend Apocalypse Law 2 and am looking forward to reading other books in this series. While I'm no fan of guns, John Grit paints a picture of a collapsed society in which to survive, even those of us who don't have an arsenal at home should be ready should the need arise. His lead character is a walking, talking bad-ass who doesn't mince words when it comes to protecting people he's taken under his wing.

    The pace of the writing drags a bit, when Grit relates to some of the ancillary characters but charges ahead like a sniper's bullet when the many threats converge. And in Grit's While I'm no fan of guns, John Grit paints a picture of a collapsed society in which to survive, even those of us who don't have an arsenal at home should be ready should the need arise.

    And in Grit's apocalyptic future, the threats don't relent. This second part of the series was another very short book. It picks up a short time after book 1 left off. Nov 12, Mike Nemeth rated it really liked it. The second installment is an improvement to the first. Nate meets up with more people and takes on an army. He doesn't have time to mess around. Great guerilla warfare techniques.