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Gaddafi war offenbar gewarnt worden und hatte sich und seine Familie rechtzeitig in Sicherheit gebracht. Und doch soll es nach Regime-Angaben ein Opfer in der Familie gegeben haben. Gab es Hana wirklich? Lebt sie vielleicht sogar noch? Mehrere Quellen weisen eindeutig darauf hin. Februar angeordnet, die in der Schweiz deponierten Gelder des Gaddafi-Clans einzufrieren. Rather than drive a threatened population to revolt, city bombing initially brought the population closer to the state. Using both positive and negative tools of persuasion, the same state that gave out Butterbrot and Suppe to bombing raid survivors was ready to execute ruthlessly plunderers and those who subverted the military spirit Wehrkraftzersetzer.

This theme is developed in greater detail in Friedrich's discussion of the Wir.

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He notes how as the situation worsened, the repressive state focused on the issue of Haltung conduct over Stimmung morale. German propaganda emphasized grim perseverance, promising that wonder weapons would soon allow Germany to strike back at the Allies and exact a bloody revenge. Each of these topics has been treated in greater detail elsewhere and Friedrich overlooks much of the most recent scholarship in German and English. Friedrich's final two sections are less effective.

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In Ich , Friedrich attempts to describe the sensory reaction, emotion, and experience of being bombed. His discussion of the physical reaction of the body to extreme stress rests on a handful of books and memoirs, overlooking the wealth of literature on the related phenomenon of combat stress, war neurosis, and shell shock. Placing this discussion at the end to the work violates Friedrich's overall framework of decreasing concentric rings strategy, the land, refuge, we, I , and proves disconcerting following several chapters devoted to group and individual suffering.

The section would have been much more effective as part of Friedrich's earlier discussion of Land which focused on history, heritage, and destruction. Overall, the Friedrich book is an evocative book heavy on imagery, eyewitness accounts, and impressions. Highly effective as a literary dirge and lamentation, Friedrich's book comes up short when judged by the standards of the history discipline. He blurs chronology, overlooks the newest scholarship on many of his topics, skims over the broader context in which the strategic air war developed, and employs terminology in a careless or deliberately provocative manner.

Most troubling to historians will be Friedrich's narrow focus and lack of context: while he briefly mentions Warsaw, Rotterdam, Coventry, and the Holocaust, these fade from view throughout much of the book as he examines German suffering and loss in unrelenting detail. The topic itself--the German experience at the receiving end of a prolonged and costly strategic bombing campaign--is a valid and important area of historical inquiry that should not be taboo to German scholarly inquiry.

And indeed, a body of German scholarship does exist on the topic, ranging from detailed analyses of Freiburg, Muenster, and numerous other German cities during the Bombenkrieg to studies focusing on popular opinion, the evacuation of children, life in the bunker, flak helpers, and the mechanisms of relief and repression. The boy began to make noise. The noise is getting louder and louder.

I can't endure the noise.

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