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In the original Japanese version, her name was Melissa and she spoke gratuitous English.

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The Belgian Jeanette "Angel" Devereaux of the Wing Commander series often inserts French words and phrases into her speech, for example, "Oui, mon colonel" and commonly refers to people as "monsieur" or "mademoiselle" for Spirit. The Spy in Team Fortress 2 uses a heavy French As part of a running development theme, his lines have numerous grammar errors "ma petit chou-fleur" should use the male article, even when referring to a woman , and his voice actor isn't French.

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One of the preps in Bully refers to himself as nouveau riche because he's ashamed to admit that his father is a self-made man. He doesn't just do so in English. The other dubs also portray him with a strange mishmash of accents and vocabulary, but with bonus Gratuitous Anglicisms , too! Unfortunately or possibly intentionally , it's also an idiom for "orgasm", which is hopefully not related to the monster in question. Broque Monsieur might count as a French Jerk in that he hates Mario for "lowering the value" of Blocks and will tell him to scram if he comes by his shop.

Pieuvre Armement's name and motto "Les tentacules de la pieuvre pour votre guerre! And she's seen reading a book called ''Marquis de Sade'' in Chain of Memories. This usage is notably in contrast to the theme of the other Original Generation, which is almost entirely Italian. Justified, as it's based on Paris. Innes Lorenz from Tales of Hearts deserves an honorable mention, since all of her artes contain french words. A few items in Radiant Historia have French names, as does the continent on which it takes place, Vainqueur "conqueror".

Night Trap has Mr. Martin saying a couple of these, either because he is French or is trying to sound like it.

Almost every line from Harle in Chrono Cross. Solatorobo is an interesting example: while all the written dialogue is in whatever language you choose, the voice clips exclamations, etc. Japanese Ranguage. Some of the expressions used come off more as Curse of the Ancients than a real insult. Signs, however, are written in perfectly correct French. Even the characters without French accents speak French from time to time. Then again, the game IS set in France. In the cafes, the items on the menu are known by their French names.

Quite a few characters also pepper their speech with French words, such as Professor Sycamore. Interestingly, it says the French onomatopoeia for barking "ouaf-ouaf" rather than the English "woof", or its name. Magnolia Arch in Bravely Second peppers her dialogue with this in the English localization. In the Japanese version, she speaks Gratuitous English instead. Passepartout in 80 Days curses in French merde!

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The Muppet Show. Miss Piggy. There was also this from the Roger Moore episode: Piggy : Roger, mon amor , you know we are meant to be. Vous and moi. The Beatles song "Michelle," which is about professing love to a non-Anglophone French girl. Cole Porter liked having portions of his songs sung in French, often for no other justifiable reason than Everything Sounds Sexier in French. It's coherent enough unless you read the album notes, which transcribe it wrong and then translate it wrong.

It is also a ghastly pun on the character's old secret identity, Sailor V. The Talking Heads ' song "Psycho Killer" has the bridge as well as the hook "Psycho killer, qu'est que c'est? Je t'adore, Ich liebe dich! Justified by the fact that the song is set in New Orleans, moreso when it was later covered for Moulin Rouge!

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Billy Idol : "Les yeux sans visage Eyes without a face" both phrases have the same meaning. The song is a Shout-Out to a French horror movie that's been released under both titles. Less gratuitous than most, however, since they are from the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec. Ottawa-based experimental grindcore act Fuck the Facts, who usually have at least two or three French-language tracks per album, give or take some Amer , their most recent EP, has only one English-language track.

Interestingly, Melanie Mongeon is a Francophone by default and spoke very little English when she joined, and she essentially learned English by forcing herself to write the majority of her lyrics in it. Lady Gaga has some gratuitous French in the bridge of "Bad Romance. Which is excellently parodied by LittleKuriboh. And come and rester la With me in France. Originaux d'Internet. Le "Le" meme. In this parody Overwatch review, the reviewer claims that Widowmaker is "unrealistic" In the Protectors of the Plot Continuum 's base in New Caledonia, all the street names and place names are in French e.

Tolkien Park , etc. In an episode of Revolting People , Joshua attempts to sound sophisticated by adding gratuitous French expressions to his speech, despite having no idea what any of them mean and thus invariably using them inappropriately.

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When Sam points this out, Joshua responds that everybody knows French is just decorative and it doesn't matter what the words mean — and anyway, he doesn't know what most words in English mean either, and he's never let that stop him. Roman visuel. Justified in Fleuret Blanc , as the game is set in France and many of the characters are bilingual, so occasional French phrases make sense in the context of the setting.

This is lampshaded by Le Neuvieme — to him, English is the gratuitous foreign language. Why wouldn't they speak in French? We are in France, for God's sake! Spectacles comiques. Eddie Izzard. Fluent in French, he has been known to perform his stand-up specials in French for French-speakers, and frequently includes segments in French in front of English-speaking audiences. Same goes for German, but that's a different trope.

Rodney: It's "canard". Del: You can say that again, bruv.

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Rodney: Del, you can't speak French. You're still struggling with English. Keller: Are you familiar with the term Peter: My French is a little rusty. This moi ". Lampshaded in the Act I finale of Iolanthe : While it has long been accepted as part of the English lexicon, peer and peri alike remind the audience that "the word 'prestige' is French.

So you have "a Latin word, a Greek remark, and one that's French. Vous ne comprenez pas? Ah, quel dommage! You don't understand what I said? Such a pity. Sir Andrew: Dieu vous garde, monsieur. Viola: Et vous aussi. Votre serviteur. Avril : Avril's French for April. Stine : Oui, je sais. Avril : The only French I really know is my name. We both prayed so hard you would. Stine : Merde. Avril : What?

Stine With a tight smile : Look it up. Hapgood : You're a woman—I adore women. Fay : And I adore docteurs. Fay : Oui. Travaux de fans. One example is when Louise is threataning Ffon after he pressed her Berserk Button.

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And that majority in my view should bear the blame for serious faults of omission with respect to the backwardness of democracy in Quebec. But the pity is that they seemed to encourage such a state of affairs. The shameful incompetence of the average Liberal M.

The party strategists had but to find an acceptable stable master-Laurier, Lapointe, Saint-Laurent-and the trained donkeys sitting in the back benches could be trusted to behave. Even the choice of front-benchers very often smacked of shysterism. To sum up, English-speaking Canadians have long behaved in national politics as though they believed that democracy was not for French Canadians.