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Brenda may be daughter of wife 2. Mother of Florence is Wentjia W Timmy Ukinya Jabaljari M.

Traugott Malbunka Pultara M. Tommy Doolan Juburula M. Father of Rodney is European and mother is Anna. Timothy Mularana Juburula M. Tom Wiluntja Jabananga M. Windaru Jagamara M. Willie Nulipa Jabananga M. Wintu Nambajimba F.

William Jambajimba M. Yala Yalajukurba Jangala M. References to single men and widowers eg SM21 do not necessarily match the lists attached. Trevor Jabangadi Pintubi Ch M See Sheet O1. Foster father is Johnny Stewart. Tarina Nabangadi Pintubi Ch F 1. Melvin Malvern Ch M 7. Nahum Ch M Ragget Well Wailbri and mother is Anmanari, Nungarai, Pintubi. See Sheet P8. Papunya 3 Sheet gives tribe as Wailbri.


Sister Barbara, a co-wife. Sister Mavis, a co-wife. See Sheet T5. Emily Napaltjari Ch F. See Sheet W3.

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Janice Napaltjari Ch F Pipandji Ch M. Contacted by Long in Brought to Papunya in April Information to genealogical link only provided through reconstruction of oral and written sources. Details have not been cross-checked. Brought to Papunya in April with her husband and two co-wives.

Bimbos In Limos (Dirty Blonde)

She was married to her husband some month s before coming to Papunya. Father is deceased and mother is Anmamari, Nabanangga, Pintubi, deceased. Nguya-nya Napaltjari W1 F. Brought into Papunya in July Died in Kintore. She was first married with who is the real father of Anatjari. This man was from Illpili Mt Liebig , but he was killed and she went back, already pregnant, to Kintore area, where, after a while, she married Murrutju, one of the most important men of Kurlkurta.

She was 's Murrutju's first wife. There is a second version or a complementary version of her descent. Her mother would be and her father , that is, the same parents as for her co-wife Tanara. This second version was formulated much later than the first one and by different persons. First version formulated by Ngilarany who was married to the same man as Anmanari.

Second version formulated by a group of women amongst them 2, 33, etc.

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First version is in tree Second version in tree Brought to Papunya in July with her husband, co-wife which is her sister Katjara and two daughters to Papunya. Was found at Wudung Waterhole. Died in Docker River. But also affiliation south of Baron Ranges. Also Yawalwinnya and Minaritalnya area.

Country Kulkurlta, northern part. Died in In he and two wives and two daughters were seen near the Pollock Hills, found at Wudung Waterhole, near Likili, north east of Jupiter Well, and north west of Pollock Hills. South of Pollock Hills in April Brought to Papunya in July His real father , is from Illpili, but he was fostered after died, by his mother's Anmanari second husband Murrutju. Lived in Tjukurlabefore he died.

Famous painter. Brought to Papunya in July with her husband, co-wife which is her sister Nguya and two daughters to Papunya. She is very very serious about not using the names of deceased persons and she always talks in whispers. See Sheet J Lorrie Aranda W2 F. See Sheet W1. Norman Tjapaltjari Kukata Ch M Both deceased.

Victor Tjungarai Pintubi Ch M 1. First husband was Paddy Gorey Uara, Pultara, deceased. Phyllis Gorey Ch F 3. Phyllis married to Riley Minor but now separated. Leonard Jabanangga Kukadja Ch M Dorothy Napurula Ch F. Mother is deceased. Carleen Ch F 4. Yintinaka Nampitjinba Pintubi W F. See Sheet F1. Punata Nungarai Anmatjira Ch F Both are deceased. Mantua Napanangga Pintubi W2 F.

Foster-father is Billy Manain. Justin Tjakamara Pintubi Ch M Margaret Small Napangati Ch F. Cameron Kami?

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Possibly daughter of Leonie, born Tjiwin nga Tjampitjinba Pintubi Ch M. Leonore Nungari Pintubi Ch F Married Denny. At Naewietooma? The wanderer has returned John Tjapaltjari Pintubi Ch M They are separated. Now back. Deidre Nabaljari Pintubi Ch F 9. Gabrielle Nungarai Pintubi Ch F Lingandri Nakamara Wailbri W1 F. Tony Jabangadi Wailbri Ch M 4. Yuyuya Nampitjinba Pintubi W1 F. Wendy Nungarai Pintubi Ch F Christa was born on See Sheet K2. Janie Nagamara Ch F See Sheet B7.