Green PR am Beispiel Carsharing (PR Ratgeber 3) (German Edition)

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Volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Elsevier ; O'Connor, Alan F. Maarten, St. Maarten, pp. Springer LNAI ; Ontological Collaboration Engineering Stefan W.

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Knoll, Till Plumbaum, Ernesto W. Gesteuertes Laden V2. The end-user vs. Jain, R. Creasey, J. Himmelspach, K. White, M. Fu eds. Toker, Sahin Albayrak, In: International conference of ; A mathematical framework for the analysis and design of inter-operator resource sharing mechanisms Nadim El Sayed Yan Zhang, Mohsen Guizani ; Syed A. Ahson, Mohammad Ilyas ; Khan, Fikret Sivrikaya, Ahmet C. SIAM Int.

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  • Profile-based Recommendation of and by Domain Experts supporting web 2. Springer ; Improvement of speech recognition for robots using blind signal separation Daniel Bicher, Olaf Kroll-Peters, Thebin Lee, Natascha Tiotuico, Mathias Wilhelm In: Proceedings of the 8th conference on Signal processing, computational geometry and artificial vision.

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    Emotional speech in the context of entertainment robots. The effect of different emotions on users' perceptions. Analyzing Social Bookmarking Systems: A del. Autonomous Security - Eine neuartige Architektur f? Collecting Gold. Improving TCP Goodput in Editor Javier Lopez..

    Mrohs, C. Pressespiegel Q1 Sahin Albayrak Traffic Measurement for Network Planning of an Simeonov Pressespiegel Sahin Albayrak Solving inexact graph isomorphism problems using neural networks Brijnesh J. Jain and Fritz Wysotzki In: Neurocomputing, 63, pp. Konzeption und Realisierung einer Architektur zum remote Deployment und Management von verteilten Multiagentensystemen Maher Chamsi Simeonov, Hakan Coskun, Sahin Albayrak Purvis In: Proc.

    Agentenorientierter Softwareentwurf zur dynamischen Konfigurationen Alexander Keiblinger Jahre Arten. Juni Am For this purpose the main task was to develop an extensive indicator raster and an investigation plan for implementing two panels measuring the changes of the two target groups, the German enterprises of environmental technologies on the one hand, and central multipliers of the German environment economics on the other hand.

    This included quantitative as well as qualitative data collection methods standardized survey with participating companies, a comparison group and multiplicators, analysis of documents and secondary data, guided expert interviews. Corporations invest in foreign countries, provide jobs, and thus generate formalized labor relations and income.

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    Furthermore, they pay taxes that contribute to the provision of public services. At the same time, multinational corporations particularly have received criticism by being accused of supporting exploitative employment conditions and human rights abuses, causing environmental deterioration, and failing to mainstream responsible conduct in developing countries. The GLOBAL VALUE project developed an innovative framework for assessing impacts of multinational corporations on issues related to sustainable development, working conditions, human rights, transparency, and anti-corruption.

    It shed light on institutional arrangement; analysed systems of governance for responsible business practices; explored responsible competitiveness; assessed the complementarity of public and private sector activities; and derived recommendations for decision makers in business, policy and non-governmental organisations. The project was carried out by universities and civil society organisations from Europe and ICPC countries. Mentoring and coaching by experienced academics and professionals as well as building a peer network constitute the main elements of this programme.

    First, Module III of the project provided an overview of existing and planned actions. Subsequently, the implementation of selected information and communication measures were analyzed to identify effects on attitude change towards grid extension, contributing factors and opportunities for optimization. Stefan Silvestrini Description Together with the German Institute for Development Evaluation DEval , CEval supports three projects on sustainable economic development in Myanmar, aiming to create the preconditions for identifying and assessing their impacts.

    The support focusses on three projects in the fields of vocational training, private sector development and financial sector reforms, and they should provide the basis for the development of a coherent programme on sustainable economic development. University of Kassel, Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences, Organic Farming and Cropping Systems Currently, established research evaluation procedures are largely based on peer review publications, citation based indicators and third-party funds.

    However, the focus on the "scientific impact" only partially captures to what extent research contributes to solving societal or ecological problems. An increasing number of scientists and initiatives point out the responsibility of public funded science to contribute appropriate solutions for problems like global warming, food safety and loss of ecosystem services and research evaluations should set incentives to do so. This project was aimed at contributing to the implementation of complementary assessment of activities and impact of research regarding the needs of practice and society.

    They include criteria for productive interactions between research and society, which make an impact probable, as well as the impact on practice and society itself. Nevertheless, broader use of the existing concepts is hampered by the lack of reliable, easy to use data. The main task of the project was the further development and testing of a documentation and evaluation concept for agricultural research. The concept was defined to be broad enough to include all productive interactions and impacts of different types of agricultural research and can be used for the evaluation of scientists, institutions, projects and programmes.

    Head of CEval

    This requires a structured, standardized documentation in a database-system that enables to filter, aggregate and analyse data in different ways. In order not to increase the effort necessary for scientists to document their projects, the developed documentation system is connected to general documentation procedures in proposals and reports for research funding but also includes project independent research. The project developed and tested the structured documentation system and an assessment framework. This included three perspectives: Scientists responsible for documentation, funding agencies and evaluation experts.

    Furthermore, the project engaged in the development of applicable and accepted pathways to implement such evaluation in alignment with agricultural research and other relevant stakeholders and experts. Stefan Silvestrini Description Since , IFAD has worked to raise productivity and income of rural poor populations to overcome poverty and improve the quality of their lives.

    In its long history, the Fund has developed and implemented various programs and projects all over the world. In the period of , it has aimed at improving livelihoods and food security of Before the program is phasing out in December , an external evaluation of SCAMPIS is conducted in order to assess the achievement of program objectives and outcomes.

    In particular, according to the Terms of Reference, the evaluation should pursue three objectives: Replicability and scaling up are core concepts in this context. The CEval evaluation team will visit each project country for 12 days to conduct interviews with main stakeholders in the implementing organizations, key persons along the MIS value chain and the primary beneficiaries.

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    In addition, a quantitative survey will be conducted in each of the three project countries to learn more about the impact MIS has on food security in different country contexts. Weiterhin sollte die Erreichung der Ziele der Programme untersucht werden. The project aim was to improve the sustainability of procurement in institutions providing inpatient care for the elderly, children and young people and people with disabilities.

    At the same time, staff, residents and visitors were informed and encouraged to adopt sustainable Lifestyles. In addition, approaches to reduce the use of resources and to introduce sustainable procurement Standards tested in pilot Projects were intended to be nationally disseminated and implemented in Diakonie and Caritas institutions as well as in non-church-based social welfare organisations. The Evaluation was formative, accompanied the process and began one and a half years into the project. It should provide relevant findings for the remaining Duration of the project and its planned continuation.

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    Broadly speaking, a detailed Content description of the four project phases was compared to its current Status at the beginning of the Evaluation. More specifically, the aim was to document activities which had been realised when the evalzuation began, to obtain Information on the achievements of sub-Targets "Improving Procurement Regarding Sustainability Standards", "National Dissemination of the Project", "Creating Network Structures" and to identify potentials for optimisation.

    Special Focus has been laid on Institution Management and staff and how they can be motivated to pursue sustainable procurement. CEval applied a mixed method Approach focusing on qualitative Guideline-based interviews and standardised online surveys to collect relevant data. Data and method analyses were enhanced by document analyses. Sophie Wannemacher Description Evaluation as a scientific means to describe and assess interventions is gaining relevance worldwide.

    The needs for qualified evaluation professionals are increasing in Uganda, too. However, at the moment these needs cannot be satisfied due to lack of training- and evaluation programs in this region. The most important component of this program is the development and implementation of a master course in evaluation in the blended-learning format at Uganda Technology and Management University UTAMU in Kampala, Uganda.

    Blended-learning is an innovative concept which is gaining popularity worldwide and is now the default means of teaching at UTAMU.