Last Exit to Brooklyn: A Novel (An Evergreen book)

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Rather than pay for type, Kuhlman often hand-lettered all the words on the front cover. A contemporary of Rosset's, Kuhlman was born in and raised in Glendale, California.

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  • Then, as Kuhlman recounts, "I literally goofed off for ten years of my life on working scholarships, thinking I was going to be Rembrandt reincarnated or whoever my latest love was. Art was going to make me rich and well known. Reluctantly putting together what "was probably the worst portfolio ever seen in New York," he set out to find freelance work. With the idea that small presses would be the best places to try, Kuhlman went to see Rosset. Rosset had designed the first Grove covers himself, taking his inspiration from New Directions book jackets by Alvin Lustig.

    That completely changed his mind. When Kuhlman arrived and showed his portfolio, Rosset was not impressed. Just as Kuhlman was putting away his book, two pieces of abstract art that he had not intended to show fell from one of the side pockets. Covers were designed and printed in two or three colors, four at a time.

    He prepared the comp in the same size as the final mechanical because he felt there was a loss of quality if the art was resized: thus, the mechanical was already done at the comp stage.

    Last Exit to Brooklyn (Evergreen Book) (Paperback)

    He found Rosset very receptive, rejecting comparatively very few designs. Kuhlman never adjusted rejected designs to suit editorial dictates, but instead would submit a completely new design. Kuhlman rarely visited bookstores and didn't particularly pay attention to what other designers were doing. Although he cites Lustig and Paul Rand, who were a generation before him as influences, it was the new generation of painters, the Abstract Expressionists, particularly the "strong, simple" style of Franz Kline, that truly inspired him.

    Kuhlman gradually began to apply abstract art in a more graphic way, not only to imagery, but also to type. Rosset describes Kuhlman's designs as an attempt to "go between being a purely creative act and a commercial one. Rosset saw in Kuhlman's designs the perfect counterpoint to the texts he was publishing. In , Rosset, with Donald Allen, began to publish the Evergreen Review , a quarterly literary magazine.

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    Originally quarto sized, it featured many authors who were published for the first time. A recording of the poets reciting their work was released along with this issue, a sign of increasing eclecticism at Grove. Many fine artists of the time, such as Jackson Pollock and Larry Rivers, were also featured in the magazine, and the work of photographers, such as Robert Frank, Richard Avedon, and Mary Ellen Mark, graced both covers and interior spreads.

    Grove published many foreign and Third World titles for the first time in the U. These covers, though abstract in design, reflected the ethnic origins of the works. Kuhlman's solutions were sometimes conceptual, sometimes abstract, and sometimes a combination of the two.

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    Originally published in French, this book introduced an avant-garde design that was based in the texture of the language. Because of this, Massin had to redesign the entire book for Grove's English-language edition. Cover of Evergreen Review , no. Illustrator: Paul Davis. It was redesigned from a poster by Richard Hess in the format shown here and in Figs.

    Cover of Evergreen Review , no 45, February Selby brings out the dope addicts, hoodlums, prostitutes, workers, and thieves brawling in the back alleys of Brooklyn. This explosive best-seller has come to be regarded as a classic of modern American writing.

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    Moore "Last Exit to Brooklynshould explode like a rusty hellish bombshell over America and still be eagerly read in a hundred years. Emotionally beaten, one leaves it a different person--slightly changed, educated by pain, as Goethe said. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join.

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    Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews "An extraordinary achievement. In Stock. Where the Crawdads Sing.

    Last Exit to Brooklyn (Evergreen Book) (Paperback)

    The Water Dancer. City of Girls. There Was Still Love. Maybe the Horse Will Talk.