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Download the analysis carried out by Duquesne Group in partnership with Orange Business Services: The cloud, the new business continuity challenge. The key international benchmark for business continuity is the ISO standard. If the resources a company needs in order to operate — in this instance the information system — fall victim to a disaster, then so will its business operations, which might be disrupted or even interrupted.

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Continuity in the cloud is crucial and has too often been treated as a second-order issue. Rare but very-high impact events can happen and be disastrous for a cloud platform.

In the cloud era, business continuity therefore has a new challenge to meet. Here are three key lessons to learn from this analysis. The cloud: simultaneously a challenge and an opportunity for business continuity.

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They can therefore no longer be satisfied with theoretical levels of availability. In the event of a disaster, it is critical that companies can restore their applications in a form and by deadlines that are acceptable to business units. This is the new challenge to which they must rise. But the cloud is also a business continuity opportunity.

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A cloud-based backup site benefits from a pooling of resources, which means that companies only have to pay for what they actually use. Another major upside of modern cloud-based continuity solutions is that they make testing easier. Tests can be performed at any time and without disrupting a company's operations. They may use one tool for systems networks and infrastructures, for example, and another to manage the performance and availability of applications across cloud computing environments.

These tools come with their own innate reporting and dashboard capabilities, and it is often assumed they are being used to create and distribute reports. In reality, all these reports can build a complex picture. In such scenarios, organizations do not have end-to-end visibility of their IT infrastructure and operations.

If there is an issue, IT teams may spend a large amount of unnecessary time collecting, compiling and analyzing this data from numerous reports to find the cause of the problem, for example. Integrating ITOM and ITSM allows organizations to manage these entities as one, aligning your operations with your business requirements, while cutting both down time and costs, both of which have a big impact on the bottom line. Gartner believes 40 percent of large enterprises will combine machine learning and big data to enhance IT operations by AIOps will enable them to predict service outrages and automate root cause analysis, for example.

The ability to proactively manage performance and predict events has enormous potential, but AIOPs is still a new technology and one that is still being explored by pathfinding enterprises. Jan has been writing about technology for over 22 years for magazines and web sites, including ComputerActive, IQ magazine and Signum.