Lifes Endless Flame Love Has No Boundaries

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You may feel that you would give up anything for the love of your life, but if he were to ask you to give him up it would be the one thing that you would refuse to do. Let him know that he is the most precious person in your life. When you are so full in love and full of each other, it is easy to feel that he is your everything.

He probably takes up every square inch of your heart and then some.

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The next time he questions your love or is having a hard day, let him know he is your everything. When you finally opened up your heart and gave it to him, you made a spoken or perhaps unspoken declaration that it was now his. He cares for it and cherishes it so re-declare every day that your heart is his to keep forever. Do you feel brighter and happier when he is around? Just as the sun warms the earth and provides nutrients for its inhabitants, his love warms your heart and nourishes more very being.

Make sure to reflect that sunshine back to him so his world is brightened by you as well.

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Love is a subtle and often silent power that does not need to be rationalized, spoken about, or inspected. Love starts as a feeling and grows from there. The next time you have an argument, stop and just hug him to let your love understand his love beyond words. Love is the great expander. Your heart deals with warmth at first and then grows into a raging fire that spreads throughout your whole being and stretches you inside. It can make you feel bigger, braver, and happier than ever before.

Cherish that feeling. He is probably the best part of both your good days and bad days. However on your bad days, his love for you awakens you and refreshes you. With love we are able to bring things to life inside of us that have been dead before. Love nourishes. The smile from your lover is another one of those beautiful sights to invoke awe within you.

Make him smile as much as you can see you have a beautiful view every time you are with him. Let him know that he means so much to you and reaffirm your love for him today. Love makes us feel safe and secure since we know our hearts are being cared for. It infuses us with passion and motivation to do better, be better, and love better. Use this time to stretch, grow, learn and spread your wings. Feel yours soul awaken. To be loved is something. Love is always worth something but to love and have it be returned is one of the greatest feelings you can experience.

When you have someone that reflects love back to you every day then your life flourishes. Though it seems impossible at times, you will love him even more tomorrow. When it seems that your heart is stretched so full that you could not love him anymore, the next day brings further opportunities to love him that much deeper. The longer you are with him, the more you will grow to love him.

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Tolken Lord of The Rings. This is one of the most romantic quotes from a movie that you can probably relate to. No matter how much time you have had together, you most likely would rather spend that time together than have lived this entire lifetime without him. Make sure he knows this.

Life's Endless Flame Blossoming Love Secrecies Exposed

When you met him you probably put him on a pedestal and thought he was absolutely perfect. He still is perfect for you, but the more time you spent with him the more you realize just how human he is. And you love him even more for it because he loves you for how human you are. Do you have a kind of love that feels almost like a twin? That kind of love can be easy and smooth because having so much in common makes life easier to live together. Twin souls you are. When your dreams have finally come true in your waking life, it can be very hard to spend time away from each other even if the body needs it for sleep.

Be grateful that you have awakened to love, but make sure you get plenty of rest.

Lifes Endless Flame Love Has No Boundaries

Is your love more than love? If it is a love that seems to go beyond space and time that is held together with the strongest of bonds, then your love probably is more than a simple kind of love. If this is the case then make sure to treat it tenderly. But there is also always some reason in madness. There is always madness in love, but beneath the madness there are reasons for it and the biggest reason is that your heart is full of him.

Regardless if you were friends for a few days or a few years before you connected romantically, that companionship has helped sprout your romantic love. This will make your love that much stronger. The heart is very perceptive. It can see beyond the masks we wear and the things that we say sometimes. This quote works for with anyone that you might be coming into contact with, but make sure you greet your lover with a smile every time you see him. This sets the energy and the stage for a more loving interaction.

That immature love comes more from insecurities and fear. That is more authentic and true. This is so very true. No matter what is happening in your life or what is going on around you, holding onto each other will keep you comforted, supported, and sane.


Be there for each other in times of need. When someone loves you deeply it can instill a sense of safety and security. You know that you have someone to fall back on when you need to. It infuses you with strength. There are many quotes about loving and being loved as a great dichotomy.

Love cannot be complete without having it returned. His love is like sunshine to you. Love his life giving. It lightens hearts and gifts hope to those in despair. Love infuses us with passion and joy. It nourishes all things that need nourishing.

So go nourish your love for him today and spend some quality time with him. See what you can bring to life in each other. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. The world will go round after you and he have left this Earth, but loving and being loved makes this earthly experience some much more worthwhile. But what Shakespeare was touching on here is that you cannot talk someone out of love simply with your words. Love is a feeling that cannot be influenced by anyone but ourselves and the one that we love.

Try this quote on for size. We think that being worthy of love means that we have to be virtuous and polished all the time, but that is simply untrue.

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Someone who truly loves you will love you in spite of your shortcomings. So if he loves you this way, make sure to thank him for it. We all have a desire in our hearts to be loved and wanted by someone. To be irresistibly desired feels nice and is fun.

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  5. If he desires you then show him how much you desire him as well. Or make a game of it and make yourself irresistible on your next date night. Wink, wink. Have you ever been listening to him speak and you find yourself having a hard time listening because all you want to do is to touch him? Use a kiss next time and that will shut him right up!