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Three Sacramento rock musicians were viciously attacked on the street by a man with a knife on the 21st, supposedly for wearing tight-fitting jeans. While no one was killed, two of the players were cut pretty bad. Now and then. Newspaper and gossip websites love to run old and new photos of actors, singers, musicians, etc. Do not, however, look into a mirror anytime soon, to see if you have changed any in the past two decades! He finally got new lungs a few months back, but this is hardly the end of the story.

There have been occasional complications as well as return trips to the hospital. His Giveforward fundraising campaign has raised a good bit of money to help defray out of pocket costs, but there is still a way to go to reach the ultimate goal. Texas good Guy. Earlier in the day he had flown in from Nashville, but he collapsed before the show began and was taken to the hospital for tests. Latest reports have him felling much better.

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If you are a fan or want to know more about him, read this in-depth story about him from in the Texas Monthly. Thanks to reader Linda Rust to the TM link. Bluegrass in Lassen. Academy Award winning film composer James Horner , who did the scores to Titanic , Braveheart and Field of Dreams , died in a small plane crash on the 22nd.

Gunther Schuller , a composer, conductor and author who synthesized jazz and classical music, died on the 21st in Boston at age Festive time in Mendocino County. Be sure to tune in on Saturday June 27th and July 4th from p. Here is his take on the recent CBA Fest. I've been attending the festival since , and have made more of 'em than I've missed through the years, so I've made a lot of friends on the site of the festival. But I was particularly struck by the number of exceptional music moments that involved the CHILDREN of old friends, as well as other musicians from the younger generation, which bodes well indeed for the future of the music the CBA has nurtured for the past 40 years.

She performed with poise and grace — and she sang three Jimmy Martin songs! Warmed the cockles of my heart. AND, Jody named a tune after a joke I once told him involving a diesel fitter in a pantyhose factory, a proud musical moment for me indeed, diminished not in the least by Shelasky's insistence that he'd kicked the slats out of his cradle the first time he heard it. The unabashed joy between them when they join forces might most aptly be described as "Idiot Glee," which is, incidentally, an instrumental written by Darol Anger, I believe. I'm also told that the band reprised Paul's early hit "The Rutabaga Boogie" in an epic, even epochal version.

But yes, sadly, I missed it, having gotten caught up in a conversation with another old friend somewhere about something. Nonetheless, the two complete sets I DID see were both smokin' and evocative; the GOPs were a landmark band in the history of Northern California bluegrass, and they can certainly still bring it any time they get together. Molly Tuttle and her young cohorts, including Samson Grisman — yes, David's son — and Jon Mailander played two remarkable sets which included Molly's originals and interpretations of songs by Hazel Dickens, Keith Whitley, and Townes Van Zandt, as well as her instrumental wizardry on banjo bluegrass and clawhammer and guitar clawhammer, cross-picked, and bluegrass.

I'm perpetually amazed at that young lady, whose parents, Maureen and Jack, are old friends. My young multi-talented friend Patrick Sauber, to whom I am wont to refer as "the young man with old ideas," acquitted himself admirably as the guitarist entrusted with the Clarence parts in The Kentucky Colonels Reunion band, expressing the decidedly progressive approach that the late Clarence White brought to bluegrass many years ago and which remain unsurpassed.

Patrick's dad Tom Sauber, incidentally, is one of the finest old-time players in the state, and I've seen him play a lot, at Grass Valley and elsewhere, through the years. Chris Henry, son of Murphy and Red Henry and brother of Casey and great nephew of John Hedgecoth, who played with Vern and Ray a long time ago , played mandolin with his own young group Hardcore Bluegrass and also did an outstanding job with The Vern Williams Reunion Band, which joyously evoked the memory of the great Vern himself.

The band included Vern alumni Sue Averill outstanding! Loved every minute of this band's sets. I haven't even touched on The Jump Steady Boys, The Nashville Bluegrass Band, The David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, The Spinney Brothers, or several others bands that were there, but the old ukranium is beginning to throb from all this thinkeration, and I must be headed back to the porch not really.

More later, perhaps Friday, June 12th, And we had Bill Monroe for breakfast every day Then we'd head out to the fields, a hoein' corn and mowin' hay Aw mama loved his singin', daddy loved to hear him play And we had Bill Monroe for breakfast every day. Breakfast of champions.

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It is going to be a great one, so get out your tent, cooler and camping gear and get ready to attend the best fest in the West! Now they tell us. Well, now you can relax, as here is a link that explains 21 Obscure References in Classic Songs. Funny how bluegrass music does not need any explanation at all… Makes sense to me Here is an important message to any potential female groupie wannabees out there: If you are trying to decide which musician would be the coolest to hang out with, look no further than the bass player.

This story is on the Interweb, so it must be true! The healing power of music. There have been many stories on the web about the therapeutic power of music and how it can help out people in need.

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  6. You can read my reviews of both of these films on my website here. Now there is the story of young Kelley Gibson, who has been dealing with autism his entire life. But something happens to him when he plays guitar and mandolin. There is a Kickstarter campaign underway to tell his amazing tale, and you should watch a trailer for the film here. It is an amazing story about the triumph of the human spirit that will stay with you for a long time.

    You can read my review of the film here.

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    While not exactly made from garbage, there is a guitar maker in Georgia that earns his living making guitars out of wooden cigar boxes. Thanks to reader Linda Rust for this item. Bakersfield sound. There is a hot bluegrass band based in Bakersfield called The Roustabouts , and they have an excellent new CD out titled Patchwork. While all of the members contribute vocally, Wilson, Gregory and Lee provide for a nice mix of lead voices.

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    And the harmonies are first-rate. Men of Steel. This is the title of a great looking upcoming documentary about the pedal steel guitar. Check out the trailer for it here. Playing both kinds of music — country and western. On Saturday the 13th, at 8 p. Thanks to Randog for this clip. Legendary innovator, composer and jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman expired in New York City on the 11th from cardiac arrest. County Music Hall of Fame singer Jim Ed Brown , whose career spanned many decades either singing solo, with his sisters, or with Helen Cornelius, passed on in Franklin, TN, on the 11th from lung cancer.

    His first brush with fame was in with "All American Redneck. But, to paraphrase the sage Hank Williams Jr. Just for the Huck of it. Be sure to tune in on Saturday the 13th from p. Here are a fabulous find, a bluegrass memory, and a CD review. And it's in sparkling condition. If you ever find any of these in your attic, basement, etc. And not just any festival, either. Strawberry, which used to be held twice a year at Camp Mather, just outside Yosemite, was by then well established as one of the finest mostly acoustic music festivals in the country.

    The great Red did not travel much anymore, and never to the West Coast, but David Grisman had coaxed him out to the Bay Area to record an album with himself, Jerry Garcia on banjo , and others — and it was a straight ahead bluegrass album, likely still available on Grisman's Acoustic Disc label.

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    Chris and I had attended the show, and it was tremendous — and, incidentally, viewable on Youtube, will wonders never cease? There was lots of back and forth among the band members, and Red, infamous for his, uh, occasional politically incorrect onstage patter for years, behaved himself for the most part. At one point, Grisman introduced a song by saying, "We didn't plan to do this, but we were sitting around rehearsing, and this one came up, and was so enjoyable, we thought we'd try it.

    Hope we can remember it. He then launched into the venerable and much beloved "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone," and the trio singing, which included Red singing lead, Herb on tenor, and Grisman singing baritone, was gorgeous. From the first time I heard Chris Brashear, I've enjoyed his music immensely. Pretty much every note I've ever heard him strike, in person or on recordings, has had a unique resonance, and the ones on this album are no different. An affecting vocalist, excellent guitarist, and sparkling fiddler in the bluegrass, old-time, and country realms, Chris also has a knack for writing original songs that are melodic and evocative of a style of traditional music that has all but disappeared.

    Del's version of the song is wonderful, and so is Chris'. I first saw Chris at Grass Valley, when he appeared as part of the Oregon based band Kentucky Rose the first time I heard his masterpiece, "The Mason's Lament" , and he was also a member of the outstanding group Perfect Strangers, among many other groups. He even served a stint with my favorite vocalist Kevin Costner's band Kevin is a musician, and Chris did play in his band, but Kevin isn't slated for a Randog's Pick in the near future.

    Friday, June 5th, Oh, it feels so good, gimme the ball I'll go one on one against the world, left-handed I could stuff it from center court with my toes I could jump on top of the backboard Take off a quarter, leave fifteen cents change I could, I could dribble behind my back I got more moves than Ex-Lax, I'm bad. Strength in Numbers.