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Eagerly awaited by children but often dreaded by parents… yup, the winter school holidays are upon us! We share some ideas for fun things to do at home. What to do when your mood is falling as fast as the thermometer?

What is a nervous breakdown? The warning signs and symptoms

We have a few scientifically proven tricks to pull you through winter. As humans we crave, and desperately need physical touch. Studies show that touch has a profound effect on our health. Going vegan or vegetarian may not be a new concept, but it is certainly gaining momentum.

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So, what is all the fuss about? Well, a quiet revolution has been. Childhood is typically viewed as a carefree, happy time. However, recent studies show that depression can affect even very young children.

Nervous breakdown: What does it mean? - Mayo Clinic

According to Karasu, dealing with constant overwhelming stressors — like working crazy hours without any downtime — is the most common cause of a breakdown. It is a mental and emotional collapse that renders a person unable to function normally.

Nervous Breakdown (What To Do About A Mental or Emotional Breakdown) - Teal Swan -

In general, a nervous breakdown is preceded by extreme stress and anxiety that leaves you feeling vulnerable. If you feel anxious all the time, that unknown fear that overwhelms you even if several things in your life is going well.

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Or, you constantly worry that something bad is going to happen. It might be difficult to focus on what you might normally find the simplest of tasks. You might suddenly find yourself not sleeping, or sleeping too much. Read more on MensLine Australia website. Recovering after a natural disaster Natural disasters like bushfires, floods, cyclones, drought and other traumatic natural events are extremely challenging for the people directly affected.

Read more on Lifeline website. When dealing with a suicidal client, it is important to complete a risk assessment to determine the level of suicidal intent, plans and availability of means. Read more on SuicideLine website. Read more on Lab Tests Online website. Crisis Support A crisis is someones personal reaction to an event or experience in their life they find hard to cope with. A self-help resource to help families dealing with floods, drought and extreme climate events. Read more on palliAGED website.

Read more on Orygen website. The reality is, however, post traumatic stress disorder PTSD is a very real phenomenon. Its not a new fad or a cosmetic diagnosis invented by pharmaceutical companies to push the increased use of medication, or by barristers as an excuse to get people off serious charges in court. Read more on Ausmed Education website. The mental and physical health of medical practitioners in Australia is an important issue for both the medical and general community.

The combination of a difficult working environment and common personality traits such as conscientiousness, commitment and obsessiveness can result in high levels of stress and burnout, or mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety disorders. In my final unit of Masters study, I have become increasingly aware of the important role that the amygdala plays in anxiety-reduction.

Treatment for a Nervous Breakdown

The healthcare environment can be a stressful place and nurses are frequently faced with time constraints, ethical dilemmas, and a need to perform under pressure. Provides information about identifying risks of vicarious trauma, minimising risks, identifying signs and responding to experiences of vicarious trauma. Read more on Blue Knot Foundation website.

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  • nervous breakdown.
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