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With a piercing yell she turned and fled, and with such precipitancy that she pulled the net off the handle. Content related to piercing emo hair Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions. Words related to piercing earsplitting , penetrating , blaring , high-pitched , fierce , biting , shrill , painful , treble , shooting , stabbing , excruciating , freezing , agonizing , keen , thin , deafening , roaring , bitter , shattering.

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Body Piercing

Origin of piercing late Middle English word dating back to —; see origin at pierce , -ing 2. Her words pierced our hearts. Pierce, penetrate suggest the action of one object passing through another or making a way through and into another. The terms are used both concretely and figuratively.

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To pierce is to perforate quickly, as by stabbing; it suggests the use of a sharp, pointed instrument which is impelled by force: to pierce the flesh with a knife; a scream pierces one's ears. Penetrate suggests a slow or difficult movement: No ordinary bullet can penetrate an elephant's hide; to penetrate the depths of one's ignorance.

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An oral mouth piercing is a small hole in your tongue , lip, cheek, or uvula the tiny tissue at the back of your throat so you can wear jewelry. It's a way to express your style, but it can be dangerous.

Orbital Piercings Are Our Favorite Fall Accessory

Your mouth is filled with bacteria that can lead to infection and swelling. A swollen tongue can make it hard for you to breathe.

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In some people with heart disease , bacteria can lead to a condition that can damage your heart valves. Tongue piercings also can put you at risk for bleeding and blood loss. You have a lot of blood vessels in the area. The jewelry can cause issues as well. It can break off in your mouth and make you choke.

You can chip your teeth on it while you eat, sleep , talk, or chew on it. If the break goes deep into your tooth , you can lose it or need a root canal to fix it.

Inside Studs, New York’s Kaia Gerber-Approved Piercing Studio | Vogue

Because of these risks, the American Dental Association warns against oral piercings. And you especially shouldn't get one if you have a job or do things that would make it more likely to cause you trouble.

People with certain conditions that might make it hard for the piercing to heal are particularly at risk for health problems. Those include heart disease , diabetes , hemophilia , and autoimmune diseases. If you've decided to get an oral piercing, make sure you're up to date on vaccines for hepatitis B and tetanus.

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  • Pick a piercing shop that appears clean and well run. Look for a piercer who has a license, which means he was specially trained. The piercer should wash his hands with germ-killing soap, wear fresh disposable gloves, and use sterilized tools or ones that are thrown away after one use.

    Once you leave the shop, you'll need to make sure your piercing heals and doesn't get infected.