The Path of the Devil: Early Modern Witch Hunts

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The Witchhunt that Founded Liechtenstein

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Path of the Devil (Buch), Gary F. Jensen

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The Path of the Devil

Sign In Forgot password? However, two of the men were not related to accused women. John Willard was a newcomer to Salem Village,and George Burroughs was the former minister of the community. His neighbours accused him of various maleficia , including laming lambs, killing horses, and killing a child. A slightly later manuscript Archives Cantonales Vaudoises,Ac 29 shows that of the nineteen people it lists as having been tried for witchcraft between and , twelve were men.

Such an interpretative scheme needs to take into account the similarities between male and female witches. As the examples presented in this chapter demonstrate, the social identities of witches were variable, but, once labelled as such, they all fit within the framework of early modern beliefs about witches as Devil-worshippers and practitioners of maleficium.

In order to be meaningful, our interpretative frameworks have to be just as capable of accommodating the atypical experiences as they are of accommodating the typical. In the case of early modern ideas about witches, this means adopting a flexible approach to issues of gender that recognises the commonalities between male and female witches and the validity of early modern ideas and experiences. The conclusion summarises the overall arguments presented in previous chapters about the importance of the co-operative movement to rural development in Ireland.

The long-term perspective employed throughout the book highlights the way in which the Irish co-operative movement responded to, and shaped, key political events as Ireland moved towards independence.

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In the years after Irish independence, the IAOS and co-operative societies played a crucial part in delivering economic policies. Finally, a note is made about the state of co-operation in Ireland in recent years. You're not logged in.